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Sales Policy

We make every possible effort to breed healthy, productive, and conformationally strong goats. We will be happy to discuss the potential strengths and weaknesses of every animal that we sell.   

Please read below for our complete sales policy.

And if you're new to goat ownership or would like to know how we operate our small acreage, please read about our herd management practices by clicking goat care below.


By placing a deposit or purchasing an animal from us, you have indicated acceptance to the following agreement and terms:

  • We reserve the right to keep any kid resulting from any of our breedings at any time. 

  • When placing a reservation, you may request a specific breeding, a backup breeding, and/or you may choose to be added to a general interest list. Begin added to any interest list is free. 

  • Breeding pairs may change and will be updated as does are confirmed bred.

  • We give preference performance homes or those who participate in DHI, LA, and show. 

  • Goats are herd animals and require the companionship of other goats.  We will not sell a single goat to homes that don't already have goats unless you are purchasing multiple goats of the same sex.

  • We reserve the right to refuse any sale at any time for any reason.

  • If the kid becomes available or your spot on the interest list comes up and you choose your kid(s), a 50% deposit will be requested immediately to secure the reservation. If the deposit of 50% is not received within 48 hours of notification, the reservation will be forfeited. The kid will be sold to the next buyer on the wait list. If your reservation is not fulfilled (such as you'd like a buck and only does are born), you may roll over the reservation to the following kidding season, or transfer deposit to another open reservation.

  • The remaining payment, minus the 50% deposit, is required before picking up. Payment may be made by check, Venmo, PayPal (f/f), or cash at the time of pick up.

  • If you decide not to purchase the kid that you have reserved or you cannot find transportation for your kid within a timely manner, the deposit will be forfeited. The kid will be sold to the next buyer on the wait list.

  • Shipping, certified vet inspection papers, and transportation, if necessary, are at the buyer’s expense.  Please consider your transportation needs before making a deposit or purchasing an animal. You will be notified shortly after birth if your reservation has been fulfilled, and you will need to have a transport plan for your kid.

  • If you have bottle kid experience and will have a bottle kid of a similar age, the kid may leave at 4-weeks old. Most of our kids leave for new homes around 8-weeks old. Please have your transportation plans in place by that time unless alternate plans have been arranged and approved by our farm.

  • All goats are registered with the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA).  We will register all doe and buck kids at our expense.  We will provide a certificate of registry at time of pick up or shipping.  If registration forms are not yet available at time of pick up, the registration form will be mailed to you.  Registration in any other registries is the buyer's responsibility.  Pets/wethers are not registered or tattooed.

  • We will disbud all goat kids prior to selling. If you would like horns to remain, you must communicate this to us within the first 24-hours of the kid’s birth to secure these arrangements.

  • When purchasing a goat from Monarch Meadow Farm, you agree that we have the right of first refusal, at the original or fair market price, should you sell the goat at a later time. This means that we request that you please ask if we’re interested in purchasing the animal back before you offer it to other buyers.

  • We have gone above and beyond to keep our animals healthy and help them reach their full potential; however, once the animal has left our care, we cannot be responsible for its health or guarantee its future production or quality.  We cannot guarantee an animal won’t have scurs. We cannot guarantee that a doe or buck will remain in height.

  • Even the healthiest and most socialized goats can be stressed from the transition to a new home. Stress can cause illness. We will help make the transition to your care as low stress as possible, but we are not responsible for illness or in rare instances death after the animal leaves our property unless a genetic defect or reproduction issue is found and confirmed by a veterinarian. If something happens to the kid or adult goat in the buyer’s care or in a transporter's care, Monarch Meadow Farm and/or it's proprietors will not be held responsible in any way. 

  • Regarding our images, you are welcome to use any of our pictures with an attribute such as "photo courtesy of Monarch Meadow Farm” to promote an animal from our herd or their family.


Please keep in touch with us and feel free to reach out with questions.

We are happy to partner with you.


Thank you!

-from the Farmers at Monarch Meadow 

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