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Sales Policy

We make every possible effort to breed healthy, productive, and conformationally strong goats. We will be happy to discuss the potential strengths and weaknesses of every animal that we sell.   

Monarch Meadow Farm reserves the right to retain a kid from any breeding at any time. 

If you're new to goat ownership or would like to know how we operate our small acreage, please read about our herd management practices by clicking goat care below.


Terms of Sale

Transition Time

Even the healthiest and most socialized goats can be stressed from the transition to a new home. Stress can cause illness. We will help make the transition to your care as low stress as possible, but we are not responsible for illness (or in rare instances death) after the animal leaves our property unless a genetic defect or reproduction issue is found and confirmed by a veterinarian. If something happens to the kid or adult goat in the buyer’s care (or in a transporter's care), Monarch Meadow Farm and/or it's proprietors will not be held responsible in any way. We cannot control the goat’s care once they leave our farm. We do we guarantee that goats are healthy and well cared for up to the point that they leave our farm. 

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