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For Sale 

Please review our sales policy. for more details. 

​Discount(s) to performance homes (show, linear appraisal, milk test/DHIR), youth owner, and/or purchase of multiples this season.

Please see the doe page for pricing. 

Monarch Meadow Alistair *B $500
Dill's DM Black Sabbath $450

$300 for a pair (2) of pet wethers
$100 for one purchased as a companion to another of our goats born this season.

Our herd tested negative for CAE, CL and Johne's by blood test fall 2023 through WADDL. Fecal PCR test through NDSU confirmed our herd negative for Johne's.

Interest List 

We joke that the only animals on our farm who aren't for sale are our donkey, Maverick, and our horse, Shania. (And maybe also one of our five cats.) It's a joke but also true. So, if you see a goat that peaks your interest, please feel free to send an offer for us to consider. We will entertain reasonable offers. We are also happy to place you on an interest list for a particular animal for if / when it may become available. 

At Monarch Meadow Farm, we are proud to offer ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats from our breeding schedule or possibly adult goats. We provide quality animals with friendly dispositions, good conformation and excellent milk production. We have goat kids available for sale and the goats in our herd have performance data. Visit us today to find the perfect goat friend for your family!

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