Bear Park Bluffs TF Elouise 1*M pending

Barn name: "Ellie"
DOB: April 16, 2019
Sire: Bear Park Bluffs MW Two-Face
(Phoenix Farm Milky Way *B x Ch Bear Park Bluffs EJ Betty VEEE 90)
Dam: Bear Park Bluffs BW Louise
(J-Nels BB Bruce Wayne *B x Ch Bear Park Bluffs Liebstop Lucy VEEE91)

Ellie is pictured above at one week prior to first freshening.

Below she is pictured as a second freshener at four weeks fresh.

Markings: Buckskin with moon spots

Brown Eyes 

Height: 21 3/4 inches 

Kidding History: 

June 2021: 2B by Dill's BB Shooting Star

April 2022: 1B by SG Sugar Moon NS Alejandro (AI) 

Watercolor Butterfly 12