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With a small acreage in central Iowa, we have to work hard to manage our space. We are always looking to improve our practices, mow less, and not spray really anything at all. Here is how we keep our herd of mixed species.


Equine + Caprine

Our grazing space totals only about 2.5 acres. We rotate everyone on it every day. Everyone except the bucks. They have their own bachelor pad that keeps them happy and out of trouble. Our horses spend about 6-8 hours a day in nice weather out on pasture. The rest of the day and in super inclement weather, they are on hay on a dry lot. Our goats have access to hay year round, and they have several hours out browsing each day. 

Space + Health

We aim to keep the grass at four inches by rotating time on different sections. Paddocks are kept tidy by composting manure and controlling noxious weeds that crowd out grass and good browse. For our animals, their time in the field is just as much for their mental health and exercise as it is for sustenance. 

We make a smaller space work.

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