Junior Buck

Monarch Meadow Alistair *B (pend)


DOB: April 10, 2022

AI Sire: SG Sugar Moon NS Alejandro +*B Elite

Sire's Sire: Old Mountain Farm Nightshade

Sire's Dam: Sugar Moon RB Gianna

Dam: Bear Park Bluffs TF Elouise 1*M

Dam's Sire: Bear Park Bluffs MW Two-Face

Dam's Dam: Bear Park Bluffs BW Louise

Markings: Buckskin with white and moon spots, brown eyes and disbudded.

DNA on file.

Pictured at three months old.

Below pictured at 2-days and a few hours old.


Alistair's dam, Ellie milked out above.
Udder pic is at one month fresh as a 2F, milking just under five pounds per day. Ellie has been on milk test in 2022 and has reached the star requirement for volume, butterfat, and protein.