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BuckS On ICE

There is a big learning curve with artificial insemination in Nigerian Dwarf goats.  Even then, the success rate can be low.  In 2022, we managed two successful AI breedings which resulted in two single litters (see Alistair).

The depth that AI adds to our buck lineup as well as the thrill of bringing life out of a straw the size of a coffee stir stick and frozen for months or years at -320 deg. makes it completely worth all the effort and fuss.  

The following Nigerian Dwarf bucks are in our tank for future use:
SG +*B Sugar Moon NS Alejandro (Elite)
Alejandro was collected and semen exported to Australia in 2022 
He won 2nd place Senior Get of Sire at the 2023 ADGA National Show 

Buttin'Heads Martinique EEE 90
*B Hidden Palms L Blue Lotus VVE 89

Coming in Fall 2023:
*B Better Wayz Champ Carabear

Castle Rock Alaskan Hare VEE 88

*B Wolfivan Raise A Ruckus

This list is for reference. Not for sale. 

artificial insemination straw empty after successful AI breeding Sugar Moon NS Alejandro
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