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BuckS On ICE

There is a big learning curve with artificial insemination in Nigerian Dwarf goats.  Even then, the success rate can be low.  In 2021-2022, we managed two successful AI breedings resulting in two single litters (see Alistair). In 2023, we settled another doe by AI Hidden Palms L Blue Lotus and due in March 2024. 

The depth that AI adds to our buck lineup as well as the thrill of bringing life out of a straw the size of a coffee stir stick and frozen for months or years at -320 deg. makes it completely worth all the effort and fuss.  

The following Nigerian Dwarf bucks are in our tank for future use:
SG +*B Sugar Moon NS Alejandro (Elite)

Buttin'Heads Martinique EEE 90
*B Hidden Palms L Blue Lotus VVE 89

*B Better Wayz Champ Carabear

Castle Rock Alaskan Hare VEE 88

*B Hidden Hills Chase The Legend

*B Wolfivan Raise A Ruckus

Old Mountain Farm Azure Elk

Winning Streak EB Star-Dom

This list is for reference. Not for sale. 

artificial insemination straw empty after successful AI breeding Sugar Moon NS Alejandro
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