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Breeding Service

We offer driveway buck breeding services to approved does on a limited basis. Does must have been have tested for CAE, CL and Johne's within the past six months with clean/negative results.

We decided to offer this service for a couple of reasons. We want to help out other local herds who are just starting, who want to add new genetics, or who just don't care to keep bucks. Hopefully, if this is something you're looking for, it helps you out. Plus, it is to our advantage to be able to see more kids out of our bucks and especially the consistency of their freshened daughters. For these reasons we keep the service fee relatively low: buck service is $100. The $100 buck service fee covers two separate visits if your doe does not settle the first time. There will be a $25 service charge if your doe takes more than two tries to get bred in order to compensate for our time. If your doe does not settle after the first attempt but you choose not to return for repeat breeding, there will be no refund.

Breeding services will be available from September through December. 

For biosecurity, we do not offer boarding. Driveway buck service is safer for your herd and ours. It means that you need to keep track of when your doe is coming into heat so you can bring her at the appropriate time. If she is in heat, the buck service will take an extremely short amount of time. In order to be fertile, goats need to have a good mineral balance in their systems. They need this care over the course of several months in advance, not just days or weeks. The two most important minerals for fertility being copper and selenium. At a minimum, your doe should have a free choice loose goat mineral available to consume at all times. A sheep and goat mineral will not do as there will be no copper in it because copper is toxic to sheep. Goats must have copper. 

In order to determine an approximate time for buck service, you will need to track your doe's heat cycles. Does can be in heat for anywhere from two or three days or as short as 12-hours, which is less common. Although Nigerian Dwarves are year-round breeders, heats will be much more obvious in the fall. 


An active heat may look like:

  • excessive tail flagging/wagging

  • mucus discharge or pink vulva

  • extra noisy vocalizations

  • looking longingly into the distance

  • calling out at anything that moves 

  • extra aggressive with herdmates, etc.


Does usually come into heat every 18 to 21 days, though some have shorter cycles; if you have a doe coming into heat every five to seven days, that is called "short-cycling" and seems to be caused by either mineral imbalance or ovarian cysts. When this is happening, it is quite unlikely that she will settle. Please try to observe one or two cycles, and then set an approximate time once you have that baseline. 

We sell rags that smell like our bucks for heat detection for $15 with free shipping. Simply use the contact us link for more information on a buck rag or to set up breeding service. Please be ready to send us a copy of your doe's disease testing paperwork.  

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